Paul M. Aoki

research scientist

Mine Counter Measures Group, mid-1991

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MERRILL joined the Mine Counter Measures Group after the DESERT STORM ceasefire. After the clearance of the last Mine Danger Area in the North Arabian Gulf, the Mine Counter Measures Group held a celebratory “raft-up.” The Japanese oiler TOKIWA anchored in the middle of the Gulf (which is actually pretty shallow) and the other ships tied up to her. A U.S. frigate remained underway in case of trouble.

The ships are, from left to right (to the best of my ability to reconstruct things):

The U.S. MSOs, like the MERRILL, have been decommissioned.

Many thanks to Mark Hosea at FTSCLANT for correcting the identity of the MCM, and to CAPT Arthur Stauff for pointing out HAYASE.